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Brno Models Agency

Brno Models is helping organize events with hostesses in Czechia and abroad from 2010. We aim for progressiveness and flexibility. We love our job.

Contact us: hostesses@brnomodels.cz

Our hostesses

Some of our 200+ hostesses

Our team

Our team is taking care of the whole event. We provide hostesses and models for events not only in Brno.

  • I make sure that our clients and hostesses are happy. Sometimes, I work as a hostess myself and take care of the event.

    Lucie Lioliasova

    Event manager

    +420 774 919 789

  • I am managing hostesses and models for several years. I mainly take care of non-Czech clients.

    Sandra Golasova

    Event Manager

    +420 602 253 563

  • I work as a hostess for some time and now I help with organizing events, I manage the website and take care of the administration.

    Vladimira Duchonova

    Event manager

    +420 739 699 466

Our philosophy

We provide hostesses for a variety of events in Brno, in Czechia and even abroad more than 8 years. For those years we were gaining necessary experiences. Satisfied client and happy hostesses are our priority.

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    Brno Models 2016

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I will take care of your event - Sandra Golasova

+420 602 253 563